How we shooting the girl in the red


I want to tell you a bit about this shooting.

I planned it for a very long time. The idea is not come out of my head. Then I decided on the girl (her name is Lily, I will tell about it below) and date, but not yet decided on the place. It was decided to scout the area on bikes. But then it started! It was bad weather, it was a hell of heat, everyone had their case changed rapidly plans. In General, all this has shifted more months! And the summer was something that was not in place.


In the end it was solved or now or never. Gathered and checked out. Oh, how we traveled around. Wound greater than 30 km the pedals. All that I saw I didn't like and didn't fit my concept and image in my head. All the greens already poohla and barbed, or shot up so high that it is not visible and the horizon. Because the shooting was planned a month ago and in that time much has changed and was not as I imagined. I really was tired and upset. The sun slowly but surely approached the horizon. I was almost ready to admit defeat on the first failed shoot. But in the last minutes of desperation, I said firmly: guys, we go further, I want to see another place. But we never even made it where I wanted, found a beautiful tree with a wheel on the American way and turned out of the way) And there was corn and cows. This didn't work out as I imagined but it's even better) I was happy!


All about cows is another story. We were afraid of them, to be honest. So what? we "urban"))) black One we went to when I went to this place, And with this one, brown had to make friends. She was kind and curious and afraid of us as we are of her. Reassured that she was tied to. She gave stroking him, sniffed at us and calmed down, went to chew on the grass. But after the shooting, when we were going, the masters came to take the cows from the field, and one woman even from a distance started yelling at us. We didn't understand what happened and got scared)) And she came over and said you sho here dlate? Quite desperate? Well this is beast!!! Yak Bodan and Pereloma ribs...OTA Chorna finally abnormal. TSE and my Stock, won good.

So we were lucky with Setochkoj, she actually got in the photo)


And this is Lily. She lives in Poland, studies on the Manager in the fashion and has its own channel on YouTube. We used with Lily was not close familiar. She was very pleasant, open, kind and as you noticed the bold and hardy) it was comfortable to do the shoot, barely had to say anything how to be and what to do. It's nice when we are on the same wavelength and both understand how it should be. Thank you, Lily! Everything turned out even better than I expect.


Even in the thickets of corn the man was gathering his harvest. But the sounds it was like the beginning of a horror movie, when the field climbs a homicidal maniac with a chainsaw =) Was creepy and funny, especially when the sound was getting closer!

At the end of the shooting we waited for an unbelievable sunset, although weather this was a strange and not Sunny and no clouds really.


Serge filmed backstage I removed. It was very cool, see for yourself)

I am very pleased to read your comments)

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