Wish List


This year I made a wish list (gifts). So-called Wishlist ♥

Do not consider in it anything shameful, arrogant. Is doing around the world, thereby facilitating the torment many of my friends, acquaintances and relatives.

In fact ahead of the New year, and after my birthday, and the constant questions of "What you give" will disappear by themselves )

So, let's begin =)


1. From Maria Polyarush very beautiful dishes

Cup cat teapot with wolf

A link to the store


2. Two way blue and white background.

I have one of those already ordered Julia, the background is lovely and comfortable, I want another one, but now in other colors

A link to the store


3. Motivational poster 100 cases. Is a very cool idea guys, I want to try)

A link to the store


4. Terrarium for succulents. Oh, I bastard from these marbles!

A link to the store


5. Notepad for business

A link to the store


6. Sketchbook (leaves no lines and cells).

Well, it's a gift at any time of year) Love sketchbook and they inspire the drawing.

Everything has its own beauty, so few links


7. Cellphone cover айфон5. Cute, rubber or wood

A link to the store


8. Bag

I love bags and backpacks, comfortable, practical and of high quality. I love red leather


9. And if there is a bag, and purse)


10. Travel map gold or black. I hope in 2016 I'm going to travel a lot and wash the coin in many countries)


11. Useful stuff for bike. Well as many know I love to ride a bike and I'd be happy nice upgrades)


11. And of course to all this, you can make beautiful greeting cards, calendars, all sorts of mercy, sketchbook, brooches and earrings


12. And Yes, I almost forgot, I love the decorations at the Kontora sisters or like such

A link to the store

ring 17; 17,5


I hope someone it will be useful, even in terms of gifts for their loved ones, suddenly you are puzzled now what to get))


Happy holidays, warmth and comfort Ohm and hearts!

All love!





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