Amor beach (Cabeza de Toro)

Castry beach especially for photo shoots and wedding ceremonies. Without tourists and sunbathers in bikinis. On the beach a beautiful color water, white sand, swing, boat, pier, fences, clean the beach without the algae, changing rooms with mirrors, WC.

What You included in the photo shoot:

  • up to 150 photos with color correction and 20 with detailed retouching
  • 1-3 image
  • consultation before and during the photoset
  • the duration of the shoot 2 hours


Shuttle service is included.

The finished photo will be sent via dropbox within 1-2 weeks depending on workload. I'll give You a personal link. Photos will be able to download only You and no one else will not see them.


Complementary services:

  • ready: dress to the floor with plumes of different colors and styles, beach tunics, earrings, necklaces and headbands embroidered with stones 15-60$
  • makeup + hair$ 120 and separate makeup or hair is$70


COST 325$